AABHL conference 2013 & call for papers

The Australasian Association of Bioethics & Health Law 2013 conference is set for 11-14 July 2013 at the Sydney Law School.

For more information and paper submission details, visit the conference website.

Invitation to Attend

2013 is an auspicious year. It will be:

  • 25 years since the Cartwright Inquiry into the New Zealand Cervical Cancer study;
  • 21 years since the decision of Roger v Whitaker which enshrined the doctrine of informed consent into Australian law
  • 21 years since the High Court’s decision in Marion’s casewhich transformed the nature of parental consent to medical treatment in Australia
  • 18 years since the creation of the New Zealand Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers Rights;

What have we learned from these famous encounters between health, ethics and the law? Can we say that these interventions (and the ones that followed them) have improved the provisions of healthcare in Australasia? This conference will provide a forum for discussion of several core concerns within bioethics and health care law. Presentations are welcome on a wide variety of topics relating to:

  • rights in healthcare
  • informed consent
  • health and disability
  • children, parents and healthcare
  • reproductive healthcare
  • special treatments
  • biomedical research ethics
  • death and dying

Professor Cameron Stewart
AABHL 2013 Convenor

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