2013 Australian Open Disclosure Framework

Although endorsement by the Australian Health Ministers remains pending, the new Australian Open Disclosure Framework (replacing the 2003 standard) is now available on the ACSQHC website.

The Commission indicates that in relation to structure and emphasis, the Framework differs from the Standard in the following ways:

  • A change in the emphasis on open disclosure of being, in part, an exercise of risk management (clinical and corporate) to one of ethical practice, patient rights, professional obligation and quality improvement.
  • Framing open disclosure as a dialogue that is likely to take place over a period of time, and require more than one discussion.
  • More emphasis on the involvement of the patient, family and carer (and other patient support persons) in open disclosure.
  • More emphasis on support for staff who are involved in adverse events, and are participating in open disclosure by the health service organisation and other institutions (e.g. insurers, professional organisations). 

The Commission indicates that some changes were applied to the definition of open disclosure, as well as the process of implementing open disclosure and its actual practice. 

A detailed summary of the key differences is available online.

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