No payment for treatment involving medical error?

With thanks to Tina Cockburn for drawing to my attention the 21 October 2013 announcement by Healthscope Hospitals and BUPA private health fund.  The joint media release states:

While the majority of patients within the Australian healthcare system experience excellent health outcomes, there are rare occasions when clearly identifiable and preventable errors occur. These incidents, known as ‘Never Events’, should never happen.
Healthscope has agreed to forgo payment, from Monday 21 October, if a Bupa member experiences one of 14 defined Never Events in a Healthscope hospital – such as a patient being given the wrong blood for a transfusion, or a medication error resulting in serious disability.

It is not immediately clear from the media release whether Healthscope will also not expect to receive any payment from the patient in question.

The list of 14 defined “never events” did not form part of the media release.

Healthscope indicates that it is the first private hospital group to report its quality outcomes, which are available online.