Dr Suresh Nair: Medical Tribunal orders

Having entered a pleas of guilty to manslaughter and drug possession charges, Dr Nair was imprisoned but will become eligible for parole in July 2014.

Health Care Complaints Commission v Dr Nair [2013] NSWMT 19 saw consideration of complaints by the HCCC, alleging unsatisfactory professional conduct and professional misconduct. The Commission alleged that Dr Nair was not a suitable person to hold registration as a medical practitioner. Dr Nair did not contest any of the complaints and was quoted in the reasons as saying:

I have discussed this with my advisers and I am aware that I would not be able to meet the requirements for registration as a medical practitioner. I understand I have brought the profession into disrepute, and I have breached my professional obligations to my colleagues, and in some circumstances my patients. Apart from the unlikelihood of ever retraining to re-establish myself as a neurosurgeon, I accept that there is a significant breach of trust with the profession that is probably irreparable.”

Dr Nair’s registration was cancelled with an alternative order that he may not make an application for review of his registration prior to 31 December 2019.