Mandatory reporting: Significant departure from professional standards

The reasons for judgement in Maiocchi v Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists [2013] FCA 1046 are perhaps of limited value, given that the decision is an interlocutory one and the applicant did not have the benefit of legal representation. 

However the matter has as part of its background a report under section 140 of the National Law, apparently asserting a significant departure from professional standards.

The applicant had made a complaint alleging discrimination to the Australian Human Rights Commission and the present litigation included a number of claims, the detail of which is not entirely clear. The respondents  to this action included the College, various practitioners, a Local Health District, an insurer and the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission.

The applicant’s statement of claim was struck out and and order was made for the filing of an amended statement of claim against some of the respondents.