NDIS Agency capabilities review: Adjustments to rollout plan?

“The Agency is like a plane that took off before it had been fully built and is being completed while it is in the air…”

A quote from the authors of the capabilities review report, reinforced by the image chosen for the front cover. Senator Fifield in his media statement on 20 March 2014 foreshadowed pending advice on whether the current implementation timetable of the full NDIS will require adjustment:

The review makes clear that the Agency’s foundations need work in order to deliver and
sustain the full NDIS. The review also finds that the late appointment of the Board denied the opportunity for them to be involved in the initial build and design. The Productivity Commission recommended that a skills based Board be appointed a year before launch. The Board was announced just twelve days before launch.

In response to the capability review, the Agency has developed an action plan and will provide further advice as to whether the current implementation timetable is consistent with a successful full scheme rollout.