Drugs, doctor shopping & real time prescribing

In the Inquest into the deaths of C Salib, N Attard and S Akhtar, the NSW Deputy State Coroner C Forbes made recommendations pertaining to doctor shopping for prescription drugs.

In particular the coroner recommended to the NSW Minister for Health that steps be taken to implement a real time web based prescription monitoring program, allowing access at least by pharmacists and general practitioners. (See [267] – [278].) Similar recommendations were made in Victoria in 2012 but have not been acted upon as yet, though such a system is available in Tasmania.

The coroner also recommended consideration of PBS changes such that general practitioners should not prescribe long term anti-depressant or anti-psychotic medication, without advice from a psychiatrist. (See [281].)

With thanks to Dr W Jammal, for drawing this decision to my attention.

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