Recent publications – September 2014

The provision of ‘complementary medicine’ advice by conventional medical practitioners and the application of professional disciplinary standards is addressed in an interesting article by Dr Walid Jammal and Professors Cameron Stewart & Malcolm Parker entitled CAM creep – Medical practitioners, professional discipline and integrative medicine: (2014) 22 Journal of Law & Medicine 221.

With the date for argument before the High Court of the McKenna / Simon matter on 8 October 2014 fast approaching, a discussion of the section 5O issue (what is a practice / professional service) is included in a paper by Philip Bates barrister, presented last week and available online (via CCH Lawchat) entitled The controversial defence of peer professional opinion.

Australian Health Law Bulletin kindly published an article by Victoria Upton and me entitled Homebirth risk emphasis: Too much risk or not enough?: (2014) 22 AHLB 156.

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