TGA reforms: Progress report & adverse events

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has published a Progress report as at 30 June 2014, in relation to implementations of several major reviews over recent years.

The report, whilst helpful, is a little difficult to follow when assessing what has or has not been implemented. It notes as ‘implemented‘ Recommendation 19 regarding the recognition and reporting of adverse events. Although categorised as ‘implemented‘, the narrative says that a strategy ‘is being implemented‘, with activities to promote adverse event reporting, to educate health professionals about how and why to report adverse events and to improve access to reporting methods.

More work is planned, including an online reporting form for health professionals. As yet unspecified opportunities for consumer reporting are to be identified through consumer research.

Having said that, it seems various health professional and consumer reporting options are already facilitated by the TGA website page entitled ‘Reporting problems‘ – the title referring to reporting of problems with medicines, not to problems in attempting to make a report.

A consumer reporting page for side effects is also now available online.

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