Adapting to concurrent expert evidence in medical litigation

Published in the March 2015 edition of the Journal of Law & Medicine (Thomson Reuters) is an article by Associate Professor Tina Cockburn and me, entitled “Adapting to concurrent expert evidence in medical litigation“.

The abstract explains:

In medical negligence litigation expert evidence has long played a dominant role. The trend towards the use of concurrent expert evidence is now well underway. However.However, for the lawyers and the doctors involved, the pathway is not yet familiar. Disputes have frequently arisen in the context of pre-hearing expert conclaves, given the adversarial nature of litigation and perhaps fuelled by fears of a less transparent process at this increasingly important stage. This article explains the concurrent expert evidence framework and examines areas of common dispute both in the conclaves and at trial, with a view to providing assistance to legal practitioners working in this area and the medical practitioners called upon to provide expert evidence in such litigation.