Unregistered health care workers: Proposed code of conduct

The Hicksons Health Law Blog recently reported on the outcome of the April 2015 meeting of the COAG Health Council.

The Ministers reached agreement and have asked the Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council to implement the proposed Code of Conduct for health care workers who are not (in effect) AHPRA registered. Codes already exist for those professions, such as the medical practitioners’ code.

A similar code already exists in New South Wales.

The proposed code has 15 clauses dealing with:

  1. Preliminary (definitions)
  2. Provision of services in a safe and ethical manner
  3. Workers with an infectious medical condition
  4. Not claiming to cure certain serious illnesses (cancer)
  5. Infection control
  6. Advice regarding medical treatments
  7. Use of alcohol / drugs
  8. Physical or mental conditions
  9. Financial exploitation
  10. Clinical basis for treatments
  11. Misinforming clients
  12. Personal relationships
  13. Privacy
  14. Record keeping
  15. Insurance

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