Application by mother for use of deceased daughter’s stored ova

An application to the England and Wales High Court by a mother, for for use of deceased daughter’s stored ova, has been refused: The Queen (on the application of IM & MM) v Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority [2015] EWHC 1706 (Admin).

The daughter, following her diagnosis with bowel cancer, underwent an ova harvest procedure. She had no partner at the time and the ova were not fertilized. She signed a consent for posthumous storage but apparently did not otherwise reduce to writing her wishes.

Following her death the deceased’s mother applied for permission to the ova to be transferred overseas for fertilization using donor sperm. It was her intention to bear the planned child or children, for her deceased daughter.

Permission was refused by a statutory committee, leading to the present application to the court.

The application considered various grounds but ultimately the focus appears to have been on the lack of clear evidence of informed consent by the deceased daughter.

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