Health law updates & legal publishing

This blog has now been added to the BarNet Jade World collection of law blogs. This online location will not change and the subscription options of email and twitter remain the same – the Jade World location is essentially a duplicate but with reformatted external links to the Jade collection.

Jade World remains in beta but appears to be growing into an interesting collection, with the capacity to search over a number of blogs for commentary about particular cases or for legislation. A similar service exists in Canada but, so far as I am aware, not yet in England.

Hopefully the Jade World collection will soon include other Australian health law blogs, including those by DLA Piper, HicksonsTressCox and of course Sydney University’s Ethics & Health Law News.

The impact of the increasing availability of free online law commentary, extensive journal collections such as on Austlii and technology developments on the legal publishing sector has been discussed recently by Robert McKay and Jason Wilson.

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