New legal research database: Appellate decisions

A joint project of the New South Wales Court of Appeal and the Judicial Commission of New South Wales, the New South Wales Court of Appeal Database is a useful development.

Of course it contains a front page listing of recent decisions of the Court of Appeal, but also a helpful listing of the Civil Liability Act 2002 (NSW) provisions with the key authorities on each section.

There is a listing of all 52 reserved decisions, the oldest of which now appears to be Waller v James (a wrongful birth claim), reserved since June 2014.

The database also lists NSWCA decisions in the High Court, showing the decided matters,  cases reserved, special leave granted, special leave refused and special leave pending matters.

In addition to the NSW decisions the front page lists a selection of decisions of other Australian appellate courts.

Finally there is a similar listing of international decisions, drawn from the UK, USA and Singapore.

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