Medibank – Adverse events list

Medibank has today released its list of 165 adverse events, for which it seeks not to pay benefits to private hospitals (though the relevant webpage appeared to have suffered its own adverse event, that has since been rectified).

It also announced it will introduce an independent clinical review process to ‘clarify situations where responsibility for the adverse event is unclear’. The Medibank website reference to ‘everything possible’ seems to depart somewhat from the usual legal standards in negligence claims:

That is why we are introducing an independent clinical review process. This will enable hospitals to put forward evidence in seeking to demonstrate that responsibility for the event is unclear and that the hospital has done everything possible to prevent the event.

At the same time, the Federal Minister for Health Sussan Ley issued a media release late last week announcing the fast-tracking of a clinician-led national review currently being undertaken to identify a list of high-priority complications in hospitals that will help improve patient safety and internal systems. This is apparently to be undertaken by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care.

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