Seminar: Liability v Innovation – The Defensive Medicine Debate

The first in a series of six seminars to be held in Australia and England, seminar one “The defensive medicine debate” will be held in Brisbane on 17 December 2015 at Queensland University of Technology.

There is no registration fee but numbers may be limited so early online registration may be wise.

The first seminar will:

…set the ground to the inquiry by examining the broader question of whether tort liability causes defensive medicine. The findings in the literature are inconclusive, and broadly speaking, are US focused. Participants will include both academics researching medical malpractice and defensive medicine and stakeholders, including medical and legal practitioners.

The moderators for the first seminar will be Associate Professor Tina Cockburn (Queensland University of Technology) and Professor Tsachi Keren-Paz (Keele University).

Further detail is available on the QUT website.

The following five seminars in 2016 – 2017 will be:

  • Seminar 2: Does liability stifle innovation: economic models and anecdotal findings (Keele, 18 April  2016; Keren-Paz and El-Haj moderators)
  • Seminar 3: The medical innovation Bill (currently, the Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Bill): significant change, or much ado about nothing? (Durham, 15 September 2016; Fay and Goldberg moderators)
  • Seminar 4: The effect of disciplinary proceedings (Brisbane, 22 February 2017; Cockburn moderator)
  • Seminar 5: Thinking outside the box:  Strict liability and offsetting risks (Keele, 4 May 2017; Fay and Goldberg moderators)
  • Seminar 6: The regulation of research (Keele, September 2017; Keren-Paz and El-Haj moderators)

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