NDIS: Quarterly reports [Q1/2016]

Published today by the National Disability Insurance Agency were two reports.

  • A report by the scheme actuary on the sustainability of the scheme, covering the period from inception of the scheme until  now. On a committed supports basis, the funding envelope was exceeded for 2014 – 2015 (page 7) but not all support has been invoiced;
  • A quarterly report for the period ending 30 September 2015,

26,142 access requests to the Scheme have been made by individuals, with 22,595 people currently eligible for the Scheme (85% of access requests), and 1,795 people (7%) found ineligible (this falls to 6% when ineligibility due to age and residency requirements are excluded). Only 355 (1.4%) of these access request decisions have been requested to be internally reviewed.

Of the 22,960 active and inactive participants, 19,758 have received an approved plan.

‘Autism and related disorders’ is the most common primary disability across all sites (31% of participants nationally), noting that the age-specific sites are included in this figure.

A number of participants in the NDIS received funded supports from existing Commonwealth and State/Territory disability programs – “existing” participants (57% of active participants). 43% of participants entering the NDIS have not received any disability services before, either due to unmet need or new incidence.

There are 2,080 registered service providers. These service providers have received a total of $405.3 million for participant supports, which is 92% of the total payments made to date. The remaining $34.2 million has been paid to participants who are self-managing.

To date there have been 44 appeals to the Administration Appeal Tribunal – 20 due to access issues (0.07% of all access requests), and 24 due to plan issues (0.14% of all active and inactive participants with an approved plan). Of these appeals, 30 have reached a resolution – 15 have been varied (participant won the appeal) and the other 15 have been dismissed, withdrawn or affirmed (the original decision confirmed).

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