Coronial findings WA: Carers & psychiatric treatment plans

The Western Australian Coroner’s Court has published a decision in relation to five patients who died following mental health care at the psychiatric unit known as Alma Street Centre, which comprised a part of the mental health services of Fremantle Hospital. The patients died within a twelve month period, between March 2011 and March 2012.

The decision is of interest for it’s recommendations on policies and procedures for the implementation of Carer’s Plans.

The Coroner recommended that the following matters be explored for inclusion in Carer’s Plans –

  • information concerning the diagnosed condition and medication regime;
  • information relevant to a relapse prevention plan;
  • information relevant to guidance as to when to proactively re-engage with the mental health services;
  • information relevant to the individual needs and concerns of the carers; and
  • information relevant to support services available to carers.

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