Good Samaritan amendments: ACT

Michael Eburn has highlighted a recent amendment to section 5 of the Civil Law (Wrongs) Act 2002 (ACT), which provides good Samaritan protection for those who administer ‘naloxone, honestly and without recklessness, to a person apparently suffering from an overdose of an opioid drug for the purpose of resuscitating the person’.

Associate Professor Eburn comments:

What’s interesting is the provision that says a person who uses naloxone enjoys good Samaritan protection even if their ‘capacity to exercise appropriate care and skill was, at the time of administering the drug, impaired by a recreational drug’.  …..

What’s my opinion on that change?  That’s all well and good, it is likely that people who are with someone who is suffering an opiod overdose may well have taken the same drug so they may be affected and if they need protection to take steps to save their friends life, all well and good.


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