KPMG review of AHPRA

AHPRA has provided some insights into the findings of a KPMG independent review of its system and processes for managing notifications in Victoria.

The report recommends actions in five main areas, including a more systematic, data informed approach to risk assessing notifications:

  1. Better risk assessment: need to embed a more systematic, data informed approach to risk assessing notifications not only taking account of the information which is outlined in the notification, but also factors such as a practitioner’s history of notifications, their practice context and who made the notification.
  2. Management of high risk matters: more intensively apply resources to higher-risk notifications, so these cases are investigated thoroughly but quickly.
  3. Greater transparency: interpret and use the National Law flexibly, not narrowly, to support information sharing in the public interest and promote greater understanding and transparency of what we do.
  4. Culture: address perceptions of being pro-practitioner and shift this perception through cultural change, with a greater emphasis on service. We need to drive an open and transparent organisational culture with a clear balance between the interest of patients, public safety and the practitioner to ensure our service culture balances the rights and needs of all stakeholders.
  5. Performance: continue to critically evaluate the causes of delays, especially for high risk and complex cases.


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