Interim report: St Vincent’s Hospital chemotherapy

The 31 March 2016 interim report regarding Off-protocol prescribing of chemotherapy for head and neck cancers (St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney) has been released.

On 4 April 2016 the terms of reference for the inquiry were amended as follows, with a final report due by 31 July 2016

  • The inquiry is extended:

    • to include consideration of the information provided to patients directly affected by the incident (and their families) in consenting to treatment by Dr Grygiel, and to consider the impact on those affected patients and their families;
    • to include cancer patients treated by Dr John Grygiel at St Vincent’s Hospital, Darlinghurst from January 2006;
    • to review the dosing of cancer patients under the care of Dr John Grygiel at Western NSW Local Health District (and its predecessor) from January 2006, and the application of the Cancer Institute eviQ Protocols and any other standardised evidence based protocols at the Western NSW Local Health District and systems in place for monitoring application of those Protocols;
    • In relation to 7 (b) (and (c) above, to include consideration of the CiSCat (prior to the availability of the eviQ Protocols).
  • In order to address the additional matters listed … above, the Inquiry may access the medical records of the relevant cancer patients of St Vincent’s Hospital and the Western NSW Local Health District as required.

  • The Inquiry is to provide a final report to the Secretary by 31 July 2016.


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