New edition: Professional Liability in Australia

Published in late 2015, a new (third) edition of Professional Liability in Australia by Walmsley, Abadee, Zipser & Sirtes (Thomson Reuters).

Following a discussion of general principles, each chapter explores the issues as they relate to doctors, solicitors, barristers, accountants and auditors, building professionals, valuers and financial services professionals. New developments incorporated in the Third Edition include:

  • a significantly increased number of superior court decisions concerning provisions of the civil liability Acts, relevant to professional liability claims;
  • the impact of proportionate liability schemes on professional liability claims;
  • the introduction of the Legal Profession Uniform Law;
  • the introduction of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law;
  • the introduction of the Australian Consumer Law;
  • fresh coverage of all aspects of the liability of financial services professionals; and
  • recent decisions relating to the admissibility and use of expert opinion evidence applicable to claims against professionals.


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