NDIS rollout: Trial phase ends

Today marks the beginning of the formal rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme across Australia, save for Western Australia which remains in a trial phase.

The NDIA began establishing trial sites from July 2013 onwards, such that the Scheme now supports about 30, 000 participants. Although the full rollout will now begin, the process will remain as a progressive one for next three years. Details of current sites are available on the NDIS website.

National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) Chairman Bruce Bonyhady, said the NDIS would revolutionise disability support in Australia, transforming the lives of 460,000 Australians with disability, their families and carers over the next three years.

A small book on the legal structure of the NDIS written by Janine McIlwraith, Ruanne Brell and me is available from Lexis Nexis: The National Disability Insurance Scheme Handbook.


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