Medical certificate: Interests of employer / patient

Singapore Medical Council v Wong Him Choon [2016] SGHC 145 is a quite long and detailed decision of the Singapore High Court, regarding conduct proceedings against a medical practitioner. Relevant to the factual background appears to have been a passage at [12], describing the initial complaint:

In his complaint, he alleged that the Patient had been informed by a nurse at RH that the Patient was only issued two days’ worth of medical leave “because [that was] the arrangement that the company [had] with the doctor”. Mr Wham suggested that the reason for the “collusion” might be to circumvent a legal requirement for the employer to report work injuries to the Ministry of Manpower (“MOM”) if three or more Singapore Medical Council v [2016] SGHC 145 Wong Him Choon 8 days of sick leave are granted to the employee or the employee is hospitalised for more than 24 hours.

The two  days of medical leave followed treatment by the doctor, an orthopaedic surgeon,  being a closed reduction and percutaneous “K-wire” fixation of the right distal radius on the patient’s right hand.

The doctor was censured and suspended from practice for 6 months.

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