Chemotherapy dosing report: NSW

Now available online is a further report on chemotherapy under dosing in New South Wales, entitled Prescribing of Chemotherapy – Report on patients treated at Western NSW Local Health District (16 September 2016).

A series of 16 recommendations appear on page 16 – 17 of the report. The recommendations include:

  • People whose care has involved reduced doses of chemotherapy (off-protocol 100 mg flat dose carboplatin, reduced dose capecitabine in the setting of the neoadjuvant or adjuvant treatment of bowel (colorectal) cancer) are contacted by the LHD in order to receive an apology for the added uncertainty regarding the likely effect of their treatment on their clinical outcomes.
  • The LHD must put in place systems to ensure that the oncology pharmacist and the head of medical oncology review any overrides in the electronic prescribing system that may suggest patterns of off-protocol prescribing.
  • Where multidisciplinary cancer care teams (MDTs) have a single member from a discipline, clinicians consider joint minuted meetings with at least one other MDT after relevant national or international meetings as seminal new evidence emerges that could influence practice.

Two earlier reports remain available online.


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