NDIS: Costs review by Productivity Commission

On 22 February 2017 the Productivity Commission released an Issues Paper to assist participants in preparing a submission to the study into National Disability Insurance Scheme costs. It outlines a range of issues about which the Commission is seeking information.

Initial submissions are due by Friday 24 March 2017. Opportunity for further comment will be sought upon release of the position paper in May 2017.

The terms of reference ask the Productivity Commission to look at:

  • the sustainability of scheme costs, including current and future cost pressures, and how to manage any potential cost overruns
  • whether jurisdictions have the capacity to deliver disability care and support services as the scheme expands
  • how the NDIS impacts on, and interacts with, mainstream services
  • whether efficiencies have been achieved within the scheme
  • whether there are any issues with scheme design, including the application of market and insurance principles, in ensuring the best possible outcomes for people with profound or severe permanent disability
  • funding and governance arrangements, including financial contributions, risk-sharing, and the ‘escalation parameters’, which define the annual increase in funding required by different jurisdictions.

With thanks to Timothy Bowen for noting this document.

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