Personal injury problems: new insights from the Legal Australia-Wide Survey

Coumarelos, Grant & Wei have published a paper in the Law and Justice Foundation ‘Justice Issues’ journal entitled Personal Injury Problems: New insights from the Legal Australia-Wide Survey.

The authors explain in the article’s abstract:

Importantly, personal injury problems are relatively common, can be severe and are often not stand-alone problems. They are connected to the experience of other legal problems and can have considerable negative knock-on effects on broader life circumstances beyond the original injury. The results highlight the value of the effective legal resolution of personal injury problems. They suggest the potential benefit of broad legal diagnosis and coordination between legal advisers to manage the interconnection between personal injury problems and other legal problems. The results also indicate that coordination between legal and non-legal professionals may be beneficial, with the potential for referral in both directions. Health professionals are well placed to notice that injury problems may have legal implications and to act as gateways to legal advice. In addition, the adverse knock-on effects of personal injury problems on broader health, social and financial circumstances suggests that legal clients may benefit from broader support from human services.

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