ACHLR lecture on mammographic density

A public forum on mammographic density is being hosted by the Australian Centre for Health Law Research & Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation on the 22nd March 2017 at QUT Brisbane.

The lecture announcement explains:

Mammographic Density (MD) is the white area on a mammogram. Clear relationships have been shown between MD and risk and detection of breast cancer. Almost 8% of women aged between 40-74 years have extremely high breast density. When adjusted for age and body mass index, women in top MD quartiles have significantly increased risk of breast cancer in their lifetime, compared to the lowest quartile. Also, due to masking effects of MD, breast cancer screening is clearly less effective in women in the higher MD quartiles.  These advances have significant implications for breast screening, and using mammograms as primary screening tools in population screening programs/private sector clinics.

Given increasing knowledge and understanding of health impacts of MD, this Public Lecture is timely and important. Confirmed speakers are leading mammographic density researcher Professor John Hopper and consumer advocate Gerda Evans.

Online registration is available, with further details of the event time, location and speakers.



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