Changes for the New Year

For those reading this update on the main website, you will see that the design of this blog has been modified as we come into 2018. The new design should be easier to read on mobile phone screens and tablet devices. Apart from the new front page design, the drop-down menus have been simplified and brought up to date (publications, coronial databases and High Court decisions).

During 2017 there were about 31,000 ‘views’ of the blog updates and there are now almost 1500 people who obtain the blog posts by email and another 600 on Twitter.

This year I plan to continue on with new medical law cases and developments, NDIS commentary and other developments of interest, particularly in the tort law area. I may also be able to add some new references to mediation.

I remain grateful to those who contact me with suggestions on new cases and other relevant materials. Please feel free to write using this form, with any suggestions for improvement.


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