NDIS: Reasonable & necessary supports – Literacy program

ZCPY and National Disability Insurance Agency [2017] AATA 3052 saw the Tribunal vary the reviewable decision by adding a specific literacy program as an additional support to the plan under review, against the background of the applicant’s autism diagnosis.

The issues before the Tribunal included whether the literacy program represented value for money, whether it assisted in undertaking activities to facilitate social and economic participation and whether the literacy program was most appropriately funded through the NDIA or through the education system.

Although a key intended primary level educational attainment was to learn to read and write, the applicant was in the mid part of his secondary education.  The Tribunal commented at [145]:

The question in an application like this about where the line lies between the responsibilities of the NDIA arising under the NDIS and the responsibilities of other departments and agencies under other general systems, such as the education system, is extremely difficult.  Such a determination is difficult because the significant overlap in the objectives of the two systems and also overlap in the intended benefits to be achieved by the provision of the supports in question.