Root cause analysis changes in NSW

The Meridian Lawyers blog has published a summary of forthcoming changes in NSW, in an article entitled NSW Health Services Organisations face key changes to Root Cause Analysis procedures.

The article explains:

Under the new provisions, NSW health services organisations must conduct a preliminary assessment when an incident is reported, if the organisation is of the opinion that the incident is, or may be, a reportable incident. Even if the incident is not a reportable incident, the organisation must conduct a preliminary risk assessment if the incident may be the result of a serious systemic problem and the organisation believes that a preliminary risk assessment should be conducted.

It is also noted that:

Although the new Health Legislation Amendment Act 2018 (NSW) is now in force, the provisions concerning the changes to RCA processes will commence on proclamation. Any NSW health service organisations affected by the changes should consider preparing the necessary amendments to policy and procedure documents in anticipation of this.

Currently, the RCA processes applying to private health facilities are essentially identical to the RCA requirements in the public system. However, none of the recent changes at this stage have been extended to the private sector.

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