High Court

This page lists selected medical / health law related decisions of the High Court of Australia.

2020 Queensland v Masson: Consideration of duty and breach in the context of treatment by a paramedic for asthma. (QCA)

2014 Hunter & New England v McKenna / Simon: Consideration of duty in the context of detention of psychiatric patient under mental health legislation. (NSWCA)

2013 Wallace v Kam;  Failure to warn and normative causation in the context of two different surgical risks. (NSWCA)

2010 Tabet v Gett; Factual causation and loss of a chance. (NSWCA)

2006 Harriton v Stephens and Waller v James: Wrongful life. (NSWCA)

2003 Cattanach v Melchior; Wrongful birth. (QCA)

2001 Sullivan v Moody; Duty of medical practitioner. (SACA)

2001 Rosenberg v Percival; Failure to warn and causation. (WACA)

1999 Naxakis v Western General Hospital; . (VSCA)

1998 Chappel v Hart; Failure to warn and factual causation. (NSWCA)

1996 Breen v Wiliams; Ownership of and access to medical records. (NSWCA)

1992 Rogers v Whitaker; Failure to warn and relevance of medical practice. (NSWCA)

1992 Marion’s case; Consent to sterilization procedure by disable person. (FCAFC)

1985 Mahony v Kruschich; Claim by employer defendant against plaintiff’s doctor for contribution on ground that treatment contributed to plaintiff’s continuing incapacities. (NSWCA)

1945 Hocking v Bell; Jury finding on evidence (NSWCA)

1941 Paton v Parker; Liability of doctor or hospital (NSWCA)